God Transforms Individuals and Communities through Education

Everyone wants quality education.
Everyone needs Gospel transformation.

As our educators fulfill their students’ desire for quality education, we see the Holy Spirit bringing about Gospel transformation.

Will you join us in enabling this type of transformational education to flourish around the world?

Your financial partnership with the Global Impact Fund can help TeachBeyond start new schools, grow existing projects, mobilize missional educators, and develop dynamic leaders – so that more lives may be transformed by the Gospel through education.

  • Start new schools

  • Grow existing projects

  • Mobilize missional educators

  • Develop dynamic leaders

  • Transformed Educators

  • Transformed Students

  • Transformed Schools

  • Transformed Societies

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Stories about the Global Impact Fund

Make Your Global Impact

Over the past two months, more than one billion students around the world returned to their schools, colleges, and universities following their summer (or winter) break. How many of these students are spending their days at learning institutions with educators committed to seeing the Gospel transform students and their communities? Not nearly enough! However, with your help, we can increase that number every academic year! To help attain that goal, we have recently launched the Global Impact Fund to support the continued development of TeachBeyond members and projects while also helping recruit new members and launch new strategic initiatives.

Expanding TeachBeyond’s Global Impact from South Africa

God had great plans for Mignon van Zyl. After graduating from university in 2014, Mignon had her own plans (she thought). She followed in the footsteps of other classmates pursuing an international job opportunity in order to earn money and see the world. Soon it became clear that God had a higher purpose for her. She connected with our TeachBeyond team working at one of our missional schools in a creative-access country in Southeast Asia. As Mignon began working at this school, she was amazed at how God used her in the lives of both her students and colleagues. Below is her account of the dramatic change in one colleague’s life:

Belize Christian Academy Marks 25th Anniversary

The governor general of Belize and the mayor of Belmopan, the capital city, were among the attendees at Belize Christian Academy’s 25th anniversary banquet in October. They joined parents, other guests and school staff in celebrating God’s blessing on BCA.

Global Impact Fund Aids Teacher Development

A regional association of heads of Christian schools and local school networks has been formed in a South Asian country, building on the teacher-mentor program begun there five years ago by TeachBeyond. (See Teacher-Mentor Program Widely Supported)

This is a promising development in one of the only Christian activities tolerated in this country. The growing collaboration is raising the profile of Christian schools across the region. We are seeing signs of significant impact in the transformation of communities, learners and teachers.

Growing TeachBeyond’s Global Impact

In today’s world, the opportunities for new strategic ministries through education are as numerous as they are varied. Below are just three glimpses into new TeachBeyond initiatives being launched around the world that you can help support through financially partnering with our Global Impact Fund.